Annual Report of the Sata Foundation for the Year 2020

I. Support for Other Foundations

(1) Human Rights at Sea (

In December 2020, the Sata Foundation made a donation to Human Rights at Sea, a charity engaged in protecting persons at risk at sea. Although Human Rights at Sea has several projects, this donation was earmarked to be used for the purpose of rendering assistance to asylum seekers/refugees who find themselves in serious danger on unsafe boats in the Mediterranean Sea, which has become a major concern for the world.

(2) Other Possible Donations

The Sata Foundation also explored possibilities of making other donations. However, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic which caused difficulties in communications and despite repeated efforts the Sata Foundation could not verify whether such donations from the Sata Foundation would be spent according to the Sata Foundation’s Mission Statement. In other cases, requests were made for outright contributions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and/or by already well-funded charities, which were either not within the Sata Foundation’s Mission Statement or beyond the Sata Foundation’s limited financial resources.

II. The Madonna of Nagasaki and World Peace

Run for Peace Rally 2020

Since 2005, the Sata Foundation has sponsored the ‘Run for Peace’ Cycling Rally in Chailly-sur-Armançon, France, to commemorate the anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (on 6 and 9 August 1945, respectively) and to promote public awareness of the human sufferings caused by the use of nuclear weapons as well as the need to ensure that scientific knowledge is used for human health and well-being, and not for weapons of destruction. Each Run for Peace Rally has hundreds of cyclists taking part and helps raise funds for the Sata Foundation.
It was very unfortunate that the Run for Peace Rally scheduled for Saturday 25 July 2020 had to be cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The latest Peace Rally was successfully held on 31 July 2021.

III. Upholding World Peace and Human Rights

(1) Cyber Due Diligence

The Executive Director of the Sata Foundation was one of the resources persons contributing to the University of Oxford’s Cyber Due Diligence Project (  
Due diligence features as a promising route to hold nation States responsible for a failure to prevent, halt and/or remedy a range of cyber harms emanating from their territory, regardless of who caused them. Malicious activities in cyberspace have proliferated over the past years, now more than ever posing a risk to States’ security and other essential interests. Particularly vulnerable to such operations are critical infrastructures, such as power plants, water and sewage supply systems, health care facilities and banks. 

(2) Promoting Human Rights

The Executive Director published a 360-page book, entitled International Human Rights Law and Diplomacy (Edward Elgar Publishing 2020) (
The Executive Director also gave an online lecture on this topic at the University of Oxford on 5 November 2020 (

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